Planetbag has been an ongoing project for many years as they have gone through rebrands, and complete changes of their product lineup.  They truly offer a product that we believe in, and we feel once the world gets more exposure to how great this product line is, this company is going to soar.

Planetbag is a complete build, from the ground up, with a great e-commerce solution using WooCommerce, which is a very popular plugin for WordPress.  Planetbag’s website also has a LOT of content, as it is intended to target different potential customers and buyers, depending on which landing page of content they are reading.  With such a versatile utility and household appropriate product, it really makes this project have to cast a rather wide net (no pun intended).

It’s been truly fun to see this startup grow and ebb and flow while the reusable bag movement has boomed.  This, to date, is the only reusable bag that can hold over 200 lbs, is machine washable, and made of recycled material.  You just can’t beat that, and we know that someday, PlanetBags will be a household name.