Am I doing this right?

I am not a Realtor, but I look like one in this photo.


aka Kiki, Court, and Boss

I am not an unapproachable jerk, but I look like one in this photo.

So tell me about that belt buckle


OK, so the partnership didn’t really start with a belt buckle, but more on that in a bit.  We have been talking for years about how great we are at branding, websites and copy.  We are nothing if not humble.  The reality is, we constantly saw our colleagues complaining about their clients.  In fact, one of the first things someone asks you when they find out you are in the wedding industry is, “How about all those Bridezillas?” with an incredulous face.  We just don’t get a lot of those.  We can’t even remember the last time either of us dealt with a client who wasn’t a joy to work with.

Our clients tend to be people who are really appreciative of our talents and time, trust our recommendations, are willing to pay our premium rates, and look at us as professionals and teammates, someone who is working with them rather than someone who is working for them.  Since we both have websites that let our personalities shine, weed out clients who are not going to resonate with our approach, and help us stand out from the crowd, we have had some of the best years of business yet!

Now, back to the belt buckle.  For some strange reason (men!), Matt had been looking for a scorpion belt buckle for, like, 40 years.  Fortunately for him, we were in the perfect place to find said treasure- Mexico!  One of the first shops we stopped at had these glorious pieces of art right behind their counter.  At that point, my husband decided he, too, needed a scorpion belt buckle.  After choosing the perfect dead insect to adorn their pants, Matt realized he was out of cash (I mean, margaritas, tacos, beer; we had had a good day).  Don’t worry, it was his lucky day, and my husband had enough cash for both incredible pieces of fashion.  Time went by, and when we started our website and it was time to pull out the credit card to pay for our brand spanking new domain, Matt realized he never paid us back for the belt buckle.  And that, friends, is how a scorpion belt buckle officially paid for a website and new partnership.

Don’t tell Matt I would’ve been happy paying for his belt buckle.  The joy on his face was worth it.

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